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Indian Iron Ore at its best
Welcome to Vijaya Mineral Exports, A 100% Export Oriented Unit. IBM - 'Indian Bureau of Mines' says that Doddabyladakere village of Karnataka, where our mining process is going on known as 'Jewel of mines' located in India. The total extend of mine ore is area of 60.702945 Hectares (around 150 Acres) constitutes 7 important minerals which has Iron ore, Magnesium Dioxide, Lime stone, Dolomite, Red Oxide Yellow Oxide and Quartz.    More..

Lime Stone at Vijaya Mineral Exports
Limestone rocks contain more than 50% calcium carbonate mineral. Extensive karst forms in limestone areas as the minerals react chemically with dissolved carbon dioxide and organic acids..   More..

Why to choose VijayaMinerals
Vijaya Mineral Exports' ISO based set of defined principles guide the organisation towards its goal of being the best mineral export company in the Indian mining Industry. The company organisation management is looking after by well experienced professionals in mining industry
.    More..

Growth of Mining Industry
The post Independence era witnessed a massive expansion of exploration activities through various five-year plans which included the augmentation of mineral inventory as well as addition of a number of mineral reserves to the existing ones.    More..

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Iron ore at Vijaya Mineral Exports
Vijaya Mineral Exports an Indian 100% export oriented unit glad to offer Iron ore and other minerals at very competitive price. More..